World Impact

Women across the globe face many of the same challenges and barriers in pursuit of equality and opportunity to influence the world in positive ways. We also share many of the same strengths, and we can find courage, authenticity and connection by sharing our stories and learning with each other.

Women from all over the world have attended Chocolate Villa and Villa Leadership retreat workshops to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership.  Since 2009, we have held more than 50 three- and five-day women’s leadership and career development retreat workshops in 12 different countries, including:


More than 600 women from 68 different countries have attended our programs and workshops in locations worldwide. We customize our programs in each region to address the cultural, historical and environmental concerns that impact women, gender equity, balance and leadership. Our goal is to support and promote women to be leaders for the future in their organizations, communities, governments and countries.

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