Chocolate Villa was launched in 2008, grown out of a profound awareness that women have unique and powerful leadership skills that are often under-utilized and under-valued today. The founders saw a need for professional development that focused on building women’s capabilities “from the inside out” to enhance their influence in business, government, non-profit, family and community leadership roles.

Each Chocolate Villa retreat becomes its own unique, organic experience, molded by the diverse mix of individuals who attend, and enhanced by the experiences of those who have come before. Our robust curriculum is built on a foundation of the latest research on women in the workplace as well as our own set of unique tools and approaches. Chocolate Villa is designed to engage participants in a holistic exploration of their aspirations and a deep understanding of what may be holding them back. Our professionally-trained facilitators guide each individual and the group to clarify their next steps and map their way forward to achieve their career and life goals.

“Being at Chocolate Villa was a game-changer for me. Through Chocolate Villa, I regained a sense of who I am, and what my personal gifts are. I’ve re-engaged in my work at a new level.”

“I really loved the people, the environment, the pace, the food, the space, the encouragement, the inspiration and the gift of reconnecting with the possible. Thank you!”

“I’ve been to a lot of 'these'. Typically, they make you expose your guts and then release you into the world in an unsafe way. You have empowered us to take care of our needs/goals and our cohort."

"I loved the level of creativity, fun, emphasis on body, heart, and intellect.”

“Every woman should have the opportunity to experience Chocolate Villa.”