Retreats and Workshops

Chocolate Villa offers multi-day retreats and one-day workshops at a variety of price points to fit your aspirational needs and your reality budget.

Chocolate Villa Executive

Chocolate Villa Executive is a 3-day/4-night all-inclusive retreat workshop for individuals who are looking to expand their executive leadership skills, clarify their unique strengths and confront their barriers as they pursue their next opportunity, position, promotion or project. This high-end, luxury-focused offsite event is built on our corporate Villa Leadership program and includes a wide range of topics, speakers and activities. Groups are limited to 16 individuals from different organizations or industries in order to form a supportive environment and leverage the group’s diversity of experience and background.
Chocolate Villa Executive is right for those who are mid- to senior-level executives who are looking to move up, refine their skills, and broaden their influence as a woman in leadership.

Starts at $1750, all inclusive. Coaching add-ons are also available.

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Chocolate Villa Escape

Are you ready for something new? Have you considered starting a business? Changing career tracks? Pursuing a new passion or project? What about retiring? Chocolate Villa Escape is a chance to step away from your life for a few days for a “big picture” look at your opportunities and possibilities. This 2 1/2-day/3-night, open-enrollment retreat is for women from all backgrounds, focused on clarify your “next”, and building the confidence, tools and support you’ll need to reach your goals. Our curriculum and activities will energize you for goal-setting, rejuvenation, and personal inspiration, and help you define your own personal and professional success across all the areas and priorities of your life.

Starts at $850, all inclusive.

Confidence Camp

New in 2019, Chocolate Villa is offering a six-week confidence-building series, featuring 2-hour weekly sessions held in either day or evening schedules. The focus is on experiential activities that build physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual confidence, using our own unique Chemistry of Confidence curriculum, with added activities for enhanced engagement, learning and personal development. The six-week sessions are geared and scheduled separately for specific audiences—teens, entrepreneurs, and young executives. Be sure to check event details at time of registration.

Chocolate Villa by Villa Leadership can custom design a retreat or workshop for your group. Please contact us for requests or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.