Chocolate Villa is a multi-day professional women’s leadership development program held in an inspiring, retreat-like environment. It is a unique combination of intensive learning, discussion, exploration and reflection sessions focused on personal and professional leadership enhancement. Chocolate Villa will challenge you to push yourself to discover your individual strengths, and provide you with the confidence, clarity, and energy you need to pursue your “next”—be it a career move, promotion, or other pursuit.

Who Should Attend the Chocolate Villa

Chocolate Villa is primarily targeted toward women who are leaders in their own lives, and who are looking for a catalyst to spur them on to the next level. Women who are open to feedback, motivated to support their own personal and professional growth, and dedicated to listening and learning will ultimately get the most out of their Chocolate Villa experience. This includes women who are:

  • High-potential leaders looking to step up to their next level of executive development
  • Considering a job or career move
  • Starting a new business, or expanding an existing one
  • Taking on new responsibilities or challenges that impact their work, family, or community
  • Embarking on a new phase of their career life cycle

An Environment for Growth

Chocolate Villa is dedicated to providing the best possible atmosphere for personal and professional transformation. Villas are held in locations around the world, and are hosted in an informal luxury home setting. Since the experience is retreat-based, plenty of time and consideration go into choosing an environment that allows for reflection and rejuvenation in an organic, natural setting. Chocolate Villa hosts just 12- 18 leaders at a time, creating a close-knit community that places emphasis on a personalized, intimate approach to leadership development and networking.

Robust Curriculum

  • Chocolate Villa opens the door for you to realize your own authentic leadership style, rethink your potential, and reimagine the possibilities for your career and life priorities. Our comprehensive, personalized curriculum:

    • Examines the business case for gender-integrated leadership in organizations
    • Identifies the personal and professional barriers for women advancing in leadership
    • Expands aspirational thinking and perspectives for contribution in leadership
    • Builds personal and professional skills, including emotional intelligence, communication, and negotiation
    • Helps you develop a Business Life Plan for your career and life priorities

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